Robot Education: Create a unique and intelligent childhood!

Robot Education: Create a unique and intelligent childhood!

"Robot" as a new subject, not only won the love of children, but also let parents see the growth of children's thinking in hands-on creation.

At the beginning of teaching, robot courses can not only enable teachers to carry out targeted teaching work, but also enable children to master certain basic theories and principles. Many teaching practices have been carried out in kindergartens, primary schools and middle schools, proving the systematicness and integrity of the robot teaching system. Combined with the robot teaching component, the robot assembly and programming principle of children of different ages gradually master, greatly improve the children's hands-on ability, three-dimensional graphics recognition ability and creative thinking ability.

In the exploration of discipline education, robot education pays more attention to enlightening wisdom. Each robot as a complete training program, to explain the interdisciplinary theoretical knowledge of each project from biology, physics, science and technology and other disciplines, let the students in group discussion and independent thinking in terms of practice, while the teacher is more like a coach and consultant, under the guidance of the teacher, the children will come up with solutions, rather than the teacher gives the answer.

"Anything is possible" in a robot education class. Because the teacher never set the answer for the unknown design and creativity, but follow the children's own inner ideas to complete the project.

In the practice of robot education, it is found that education actually bears two missions: "One is to explore the meaning of self, the other is to meet the needs of the society for human beings." The world of children is full of ideas, and everyone's universe has not yet opened a door.

But most of the time, children are passively subjected to a mixed education, especially today's children can feel the pressure to learn at an early age. However, robot education is exploring a way to combine "enjoyable learning with efficient growth".

In practice, teachers can feel the children's natural love for assembling various parts, and can also see the children make many eye-catching works with their own creativity.

In addition, in robot teaching, it is often necessary to explore new teaching methods, such as adding hand-drawn basic courses of drawing design concept maps. After learning, children's imagination and creativity will be stimulated, and they are more likely to open any door of imagination space.

To put it simply, the module of simple drawing concept map has been added, which makes some students who usually do not pay much attention to thinking calm down and seriously study how the concept in their imagination is formed in reality. In this process, although students' imagination is unrestrained and sometimes the expression is not very clear, through guidance and training, their thinking can gradually evolve from chaos and disorder to modular and orderly logical thinking. This process can be reflected in the whole drawing design process. Although the concept map can not reach the level of refinement, but it can let parents look at children's drawing ability with a new perspective, which is a useful exploration and successful attempt in the robot teaching process.

With the development of The Times, robot education has become an important tool to help students learn scientific knowledge and cultivate practical ability.