STEM Activities: 3 common examples (All Hong Kong kindergarten, primary and secondary students are suitable)

STEM Activities: 3 common examples (All Hong Kong kindergarten, primary and secondary students are suitable)

STEM activities are an educational method that combines science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and other subjects, and STEAM activities are additionally added artistic element.

The purpose of STEM education activities is to allow students to learn through practical participation, discovery, and innovation and to strengthen students' problem-solving and collaboration skills.

STEM education has become the focus of global education. In recent years, the Hong Kong government has promoted the content of STEM education, advocated school-based STEM education, cultivated STEM talents, and integrated STEM education into the general studies curriculum of primary schools, hoping to enhance students' scientific application knowledge and creative thinking and self-directed learning, enhancing students' creativity, collaboration, and problem-solving abilities. Cultivate more scientific and technological talents for Hong Kong, and contribute to promoting the development of science and technology in Hong Kong.

So why are STEM activities special? What are some common examples of STEM activities? This article will explain it to you.

Common examples of STEM activities

STEAM/STEM activities are very diverse, and schools can choose appropriate STEM activities according to students' interests and abilities.

The following are four common examples of STEM activities, such as STEM activity day, competitions, outdoor visits, overseas exchange activities, teaching lectures, etc., suitable for kindergarten, primary, and middle school students (junior high school and high school):< /p>

STEM Activity Day

STEAM/STEM Activity Day is a kind of activity, workshop, and project study with the theme of STEAM/STEM education.

On the day of the activity, in addition to the normal classroom, every middle school and every elementary school will take science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and art as the theme and let the primary and middle school students play in a relaxed and playful atmosphere Learning while enhancing the enthusiasm of students to participate.

STEM activity days usually include a variety of different types of activities and games, such as science experiments, engineering design, art creation, programming, music creation, etc.

  • Science Experiments : Learn scientific principles while conducting experiments such as: mixing different pigments to create new colors, water rockets, observing how plants grow, chemistry Reactions between elements, and natural phenomena in life.
  • Engineering Design : Students learn how to design and construct structures such as building construction.
  • Programming : Students can understand how to use programming language for simple programming, such as programming robots and creating games using Scratch.
  • Art creation : Students use their creativity and creativity to create works of art, such as: building a sculpture and using computer software to create electronic music.

STEM competition

STEM competitions are organized by schools, universities, government agencies, or non-profit organizations, aiming to increase students' interest in STEM subject knowledge. STEM education can stimulate students' innovative skills, creativity, and innovative thinking.

STEM competitions come in various forms, including science topics, engineering design, programming competitions, mathematics competitions, scientific research competitions, etc.

Participants can be in the form of individuals or groups and need to publish knowledge and research results in the form of presentations and speeches.

STEM competitions can not only improve students' enthusiasm for learning and sense of competition,

It can also provide rewards and opportunities for winners, such as scholarships, internship opportunities, or participation in international competitions.

STEM Outdoor Learning Visit

STEM Outdoor Learning Visit is an outdoor learning program.

Teachers will lead students to learn scientific knowledge and skills in an outdoor environment through hands-on experience and practice.

The process includes observation of natural phenomena, exploration of ecosystems, field visits to geology or landforms, etc.

In addition, students will also have the opportunity to visit a local science center or museum to learn about science.

Through outdoor learning, students will be able to enhance their understanding of the natural world,

enhance their scientific literacy, and experience the joy of scientific learning.

STEM Overseas Exchange Tour

STEM Overseas Exchange Tour is an international exchange program in the STEM field that lasts from one week to one month.

Participating students will interact with students from around the world and exchange ideas on topics such as science, technology, engineering, mathematics, art, etc.

At institutions of higher learning abroad Or learn and practice innovative STEM technology at the Institute,

Visit local enterprises and technology companies, learn about the development of local technology and science, and broaden your knowledge.

STEM Teaching Lectures

STEM Teaching Lectures are organized by schools, universities, government agencies, or educational groups to promote the development and innovation of STEM education.

STEM lectures are usually given by education experts, covering the latest research on STEM education, teaching methods, teaching materials, technology, resources, curriculum design, assessment

Teachers can understand the latest STEM knowledge, Precautions, and overseas practical teaching experience, get valuable advice on STEM education, and through simple and creative interactions, let teachers experience the practicality and fun of STEM teaching.

STEM teaching lectures can not only provide teachers with sufficient teaching knowledge and skills but also provide teachers with the latest information about STEM education.

Benefits of STEM activities

STEM activities have many benefits,

benefits for students :

  1. Enhance students' knowledge of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics
  2. Improve students' innovative thinking and professional skills, and learn scientific knowledge through experiments and practices.
  3. Students develop their leadership and communication skills through teamwork and problem-solving
  4. Students gain Opportunities to interact with professionals, learn about different career options and develop their own career plans.

Benefits for teachers :

  1. Teachers can understand the latest teaching methods and technology and be able to apply this knowledge in practice.
  2. Teachers learn how to design experiments and projects and gain valuable advice and inspiration from other teachers and professionals.
  3. Opportunities for teachers to interact with students to help them understand students' learning needs and strengths.
  4. Teachers can update knowledge and improve teaching ability and quality.
  5. Enhance the interaction with students and better meet the learning needs of students.
  6. Relieve teachers' work and teaching pressure with relaxed teaching methods.

Benefits for parents :

  1. Parents can understand their children's learning status and Can better support children's learning.
  2. Parents can learn with their children through interaction and games to enhance their relationship with their children.
  3. Parents can learn together with their children to increase learning efficiency.


What is STEM education?

STEM education refers to science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and other disciplines, while STEAM includes art disciplines.

What are STEM activities?

Common STEM activities: STEM activity days, STEM competitions, STEM teaching lectures, STEM overseas exchange groups, STEM outdoor learning visits, etc.

What are the STEM education resources?

STEM teaching resources for teachers to teach, such as activity lesson plans, worksheets, etc., can be found online. See this article:

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