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Wooden STEAM is a wholesale company of STEM toys and learning kits, providing STEM or STEAM educational toys, learning materials and related educational courses and after-school activities for Hong Kong children, kids, toddles and primary and secondary school students. The company has been established for 17 years and has served nearly 300 primary and secondary schools and won a good reputation.

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Co-organize STEAM DAY Technology Day

Support primary and secondary schools to organize STEAM DAY technology day, including STEM sharing sessions, STEM lectures, STEM toy making, programming games, etc., with different scientific knowledge as the theme, to enhance students' interest in science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics.

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On-campus STEAM courses

We provide different types of STEAM wooden board and programming courses for students aged 4 to 16. Our professional teaching team arranges tailor-made courses and workshops for schools, non-profit organizations, and government departments, so that more Students have the opportunity to receive STEAM education and new technologies.More Details

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Wholesale and retail of STEAM teaching materials

Wooden STEAM products, suitable for ages 4 to 16, the products have passed safety certification and tests, learning science and programming principles, buy now.

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Assist schools in applying for education funds

We do our best to help schools design sustainable STEAM development plans and assist schools to formulate the most effective teaching programs.

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Our Vision

Wooden STEAM builds a learning environment that encourages exploration and creativity, preparing students to be leaders and innovators in the world. We believe that through STEAM education, students can discover their potential and contribute to solving the problems facing the world.

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STEM education course

What is STEM education? Discusses seven benefits of integrating STEM teaching curricula.

STEM courses: 7 benefits of new trends in Hong Kong education?

Introduce six recommended educational STEM toys and explain their advantages and types.

STEM Toys Hong Kong: 6 Recommendations, Benefits, and Types
STEM Activities

STEM activities are an educational method that combines science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and other subjects, and STEAM activities are additionally added artistic element.

STEM Activities: 3 common examples
STEM Competitions

STEM competitions are based on STEM education, usually designed for middle and primary school students.

STEM competitions: Programming and Design competitions for primary and secondary schools
STEM education materials

Introduce textbook resources so that students can learn scientific knowledge and thinking skills in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere。

STEM education materials Recommendation

Our Clients


Our teaching of STEM in English went very well this time. I especially appreciate that the instructor can arrive at school on time and prepare teaching materials that can arouse students' interest in learning. During the lectures, the instructors are also very caring for the students. Thanks to the Wooden STEAM team for their cooperation in many aspects. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

Miss Lam (Precious Blood Primary School)
The service of the institution is perfect, and the attitude of the staff is friendly. The staff who contact the school are flexible and willing to help the school to solve problems. The product really helps teachers in teaching and improve the effectiveness of students' learning.
Mr. Sin (Dr. Catherine F. Woo Memorial School)
Thank you, your service attitude is very good, the delivery speed is fast, and the order is very considerate. Will cooperate again next time.
Teacher Lu (Heep Yunn School)
The quality of the wooden rocking boards we ordered last time was very good, but it would be better if the combined position could be strengthened, because some small parts are easy to fall off after cutting, but the rest are very good. The instruction manual is very clear, The woodwork is also high quality.
Ho Sir

The wood art creation board is simple in design, can cooperate with scientific principles, and inspire students to be creative. The most special thing is that it has integrated artistic elements and provided pigments, so that students can design unique scientific exploration works. Although the balance bird is made of simple pieces of wood, it allows students to experience and try in the process, find a fulcrum in failure and think about ways to make the bird spin faster.

Ms. Mok (CCC Kei Wan Primary School)

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