Co-organized school STEAM DAY


We fully support schools in organizing STEAM days, so that students can have a deeper understanding of STEAM and broaden their horizons.

Support schools to organize STEAM DAY technology day, including STEAM sharing sessions, STEAM lectures, STEAM toy hand-making, programming games, Competitions etc., with different scientific knowledge as the theme, to enhance students' understanding of science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics and other areas of interest to enhance students' communication and problem-solving skills.

The purpose of holding STEAM activity day is to create a pleasant learning environment, let students learn while playing, let students have a deeper understanding of STEAM, and more importantly, promote students' independent learning, cultivate students' innovative thinking and improve learning science Interested in technology. Through STEAM activities with different themes, you can experience the fun of learning STEAM and improve students' creativity, collaboration and problem-solving abilities.

STEAM course at school

STEM Interest Class

We provide school STEAM interest classes and school-based curriculum design services. We design appropriate classroom content for students at all stages of kindergarten, primary school and middle school. Focusing on experiential learning and cultivating communication and problem-solving skills, we have developed a series of educational programs to provide students with learning and application opportunities in various aspects from programming learning resources to course activities.

We provide different types of STEAM wooden board and programming courses for students aged 4 to 16. Our professional teaching team arranges for schools, non-profit organizations, and government departments Tailor-made courses and workshops allow more students to have the opportunity to receive STEAM education and new technologies.

Wholesale & Retail STEAM textbook


Wooden STEAM products, teaching materials suitable for 4 to 16 years old, learning science and programming principles, the product has passed safety certification.

Assist schools in applying for education funds

Our professional instructor team arranges tailor-made courses and workshops for schools and non-profit organizations, so that more students have the opportunity to receive STEAM education and new technologies.

We can help schools design sustainable STEAM development plans and help schools formulate the most effective teaching plan:
1. School-wide STEAM Experience Day
2. One-off STEAM Grant
3. Quality Education Fund
4. Teacher training
5. Regular classroom integration
6. Interdisciplinary STEAM project plan