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Wooden STEAM is the only wholesale company in Hong Kong that provides wooden STEAM/STEM toys and learning kits. Wooden STEAM's services does not only provide STEAM/STEM toys or teaching materials, but also provides STEAM after-school activities, STEAM DAY, STEAM competitions, STEAM gift boxes, etc. Our company has been established for more than 17 years and has served nearly 300 kindergartens and primary and secondary schools. In the past three years, numerous STEAM projects have been carried out, and they have also gained a good reputation.

Green and safe wooden STEAM/STEM teaching materials

We provide high-quality wooden STEAM/STEM teaching materials. Wooden teaching materials are more natural and environmentally friendly. Products that have been certified by the European Union and the United States ensure their safety. Children, primary and middle school students can exert their imagination to coloring; they can learn not only scientific principles but also inspire creative thinking.

Provide a complete and exclusive STEAM educational system

We can understand the hard work of teaching, including lesson preparation pressure and handling daily teaching affairs. In order to reduce the burden on teachers, Wooden STEAM has designed a complete set of exclusive teaching systems, including detailed STEAM toy teaching, step-by-step videos, PPT teaching, textbook science Principle exercises; each student also has a full set of teaching materials, and product manuals, which can reduce the workload of teachers, and at the same time enable students to learn relevant scientific principles and develop their talents in artistic creation, so that they can develop more comprehensively in the future.

We are a passionate and ambitious small corporation. Wooden Steam Founder Karies Chiu hopes to cooperate with various colleges and schools to carry forward the fun of science and art.

Stimulating Children's Potential and Igniting their Dreams with Color!

The future success of a child largely depends on whether parents can bring out his inner potential. Each person has unlimited inner potential, and we need to help children develop this capacity early on so they can lead a bright and wonderful life
According to some American educators, only a third of a person's inner potential is unleashed throughout his lifetime while most of it remains untapped. We need to stimulate a child’s potential at the critical moment during his formative years. Never lose confidence in a child because his talents are different from others, and do not ignore the need to stimulate his potential because she is smart. A child's resilience, mental health, and future career success are all linked to his or her potential.

WOODEN STEAM Founder Karies Chiu's brand story

I am Karies Chiu - the founder of WOODEN STEAM. As a child, I was very quiet and had no self-confidence, and since I did not like to talk, drawing became my best friend and helped me express my innermost feelings. Although unsure of my drawing skills, I entered a sketching contest by chance and luckily won an award. This helped confirm my artistic talent and ability, and I worked tirelessly to follow my own path.
I grew up in a very modest family, where my father's monthly salary was only enough to pay for our basic living expenses. Having toys was an extravagance, so instead I played football with my neighbours everyday, and fell in love with the sport. I attended football summer training camp and was selected by the coach to be part of a larger regional team. Later on, I was even given the honour to play for the Hong Kong women's national football team! Thanks to my coach, I developed a strong sense of self-discipline and spirit of perseverance.
Since my father is a house painter, I grew up watching him turn drab spaces into beautiful rooms with colour. Perhaps because of that, I am very sensitive to color and dreamed of becoming an artist. After graduation, I worked at an art studio while studying design on the side, thus began my journey towards education of the arts.
After completing my studies, I joined an international toy company and was responsible for the design of children's handmade toys. My position allowed me access to a wide range of research reports on color, and opened my mind to the knowledge that color can directly affect a child’s development. Different colors can cause different psychological effects, and can even influence mood and behavior.
In 2004, with a mission and a desire to fulfill a dream, I founded Children's Creative Art Workshop, hoping to inspire more children to become interested in arts and making a contribution to the education of the subject.
In 2010, crafting materials were added to the program, introducing high-quality craft materials and design elements from other countries to Hong Kong, so that students have access to a wider variety of creative materials to work from.

2016 was a low point in my life - one day, a salt water pipe in my office burst and flooded the premises. Most of my goods were soaked and unsalvageable. All my hard work went down the drain. Later that year, I suffered from depression and lost my motivation and direction in life. I am very grateful for art, as it helped lift me up from my depression.

Emerging STEM Curriculum in Education

In recent years, STEM courses have emerged as an educational tool, and in 2018, a school principal inspired me to include an artistic element to make STEAM. Beginning in 2020, I started developing STEAM educational material packs using wood, as it is a material that is borne from the earth and full of vitality and life.
Unlike other pre-coloured STEM tools, we hope our STEAM kits can inspire creativity by allowing children to paint their own wooden creations, building something that is unique while learning STEM at the same time.
Through the creation of STEAM, I hope to inspire children to develop an interest in arts and science at an early age, becoming the star that their parents are proud of.


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