About Us

Wooden STEAM is the only wholesale company in Hong Kong that provides wooden STEAM/STEM toys and learning kits. In addition to STEAM/STEM toys or teaching materials, Wooden STEAM also provides STEAM after-school activities, STEAM DAY, STEAM competitions, STEAM gift boxes, etc. Our company has been established for more than 17 years and has served nearly 300 kindergartens and primary and secondary schools. In the past three years, numerous STEAM projects have been carried out, and they have also gained a good reputation.

Green and safe wooden STEAM/STEM teaching materials

We provide high-quality wooden STEAM/STEM teaching materials. Wooden teaching materials are more natural and environmentally friendly. Products that have been certified by the European Union and the United States ensure their safety. Children, primary and middle school students can exert their imagination to coloring; they can learn not only scientific principles but also inspire creative thinking.

Provide a complete and exclusive STEAM educational system

We can understand the hard work of teaching, including lesson preparation pressure and handling daily teaching affairs. In order to reduce the burden on teachers, Wooden STEAM has designed a complete set of exclusive teaching systems, including detailed STEAM toy teaching, step-by-step videos, PPT teaching, textbook science Principle exercises; each student also has a full set of teaching materials, and product manuals, which can reduce the workload of teachers, and at the same time enable students to learn relevant scientific principles and develop their talents in artistic creation, so that they can develop more comprehensively in the future.

We are a passionate and ambitious small corporation. Wooden Steam Founder Karies Chiu hopes to cooperate with various colleges and schools to carry forward the fun of science and art.