STEM competitions: Programming and Design competitions for primary and secondary schools (updated in 2023)

STEM competitions are based on STEM education, usually designed for middle and primary school students. The government held the launch ceremony of the "Science and Technology Innovation Lecture Hall" earlier to further promote STEM education, build Hong Kong into a global innovation and technology center to encourage the development of innovation and technology, and also focus on adding new elements of arts to STEM education. The policy address also mentioned, Vigorously developed STEAM education and training.

Students can learn about science, technology, engineering, and mathematics in the competition and unleash young people's creativity and creative thinking. The current everyday STEM competition activities include programming and design competitions, where students can compete in projects and shine.

In addition to gaining event experience and meeting friends, participants have the opportunity to win awards.

Wooden STEAM's STEM education competition

Wooden STEAM is a Hong Kong STEAM/STEM toy and STEAM/STEM teaching material wholesale company, established for more than 17 years and successfully for more than 300 schools providing services.

Our company will also co-organize STEM competitions with primary and secondary schools to strengthen young people's understanding of science. For the current STEM competitions, please refer to Wooden STEAM's STEM Educational Competition.

Reverse the World Cup STEAM Football Programming Contest

Initiated by Wooden STEAM, the Reverse World Cup STEAM Football Programming Contest is the first innovative technology and artistic competitive football event. With the "World Cup Theme" as the theme, technology and art are combined in the football car competition to promote the application and innovation of technology. The competition will implement the concept of "everyone is a promoter of technology and art," with the goal of "letting more people experience STEAM education and making innovation stronger." Details: Reverse World Cup STEAM Football Programming Competition

Other competitions on the market (primary and middle school students)

Suppose you are interested in other STEM education competitions. In that case, young people can also register online to participate in the following contests, including Hong Kong and international competitions, to strengthen Human youth potential, collaboration, communication, and problem-solving skills.

Hong Kong Youth Science and Technology Innovation Competition

This competition is entrusted by the Education Bureau of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government to host the Hong Kong New Generation Cultural Association and co-organized by the Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation.

There are as many as 400 participating schools and nearly 4,000 participants each year. Entry categories include Experimental Research Papers, Sci-Fi Drawings, Science Fiction, Inventions, STEM Activities, and more.

Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups Competition - Creative Education Group

In order to promote the development of local STEM education, the Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups organizes various competitions every year.

Themes include:

"Creative Programming Design Competition ":

The purpose of this competition is to inspire young people's creativity through programming. Participants can have a deeper understanding of programming and design, and let them understand the operating principles of computers and various components, to Cultivate their digital thinking and technology application skills. Through the process of designing and assembling works, the team can enhance young people's creative thinking and problem-solving skills.

Hong Kong Machine King Competition:

An event aimed at developing young people's understanding and application of scientific principles, renewable energy, and mechanical design. Participants will develop creative thinking through actually designing and building organ components, apply STEM knowledge to level design, and learn systematic review, teamwork, and problem-solving skills.

The conference first introduced the "Hong Kong Organ King Competition" in Hong Kong in 2010 and received support from some companies and the public, as well as sponsorship from the Innovation and Technology Commission. So far, the competition has attracted more than 1,900 students from 134 primary and secondary schools and teaching centers.

"Hong Kong Students Science Competition":

The conference held a science festival competition for the first time in 1998 and successfully led more than 30 teachers and students to South Korea to participate in the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Youth Science Competition Festival, which became a platform for selecting representatives from Hong Kong.

Since 2000, the event has been officially named the Hong Kong Students Science Competition and has become an annual academic event. For more than 20 years, the Hong Kong Student Science Competition has always been the most representative in Hong Kong.

This competition is one of the core activities of the government to promote the culture of innovation and technology and has received strong support from academic and business circles.

"Hong Kong Creative Mathematical Science 4D Frame Competition":

The Youth Association introduced the STEAM educational tool 4D Frame from South Korea in 2012 through workshops and creative experience activities with different themes And competitions, stimulating students' creativity and concretely demonstrating the concept of three-dimensional structure.

Since 2017, the Youth Association has organized the "Hong Kong Creative Mathematical Science 4D Frame Competition" to further encourage young people to use creativity and STEM knowledge to solve practical problems. Nearly 300 students from elementary school to junior high school participate each year, and the winning teams of each group are recommended to participate in international competitions held in South Korea. They performed very well and won awards many times.

The competition is divided into junior high school groups and primary school groups. For more information and competition terms, please refer to the relevant website. If you have any questions, please email me.

2022-2023 "Smart in bit" micro: bit Creative Device Design Competition | STEM@eClass

This competition is organized by eClass Limited. It is divided into senior group and junior high school group. A maximum of two teams can be sent to participate.

For the first round of primary selection, participating teams need to submit the research results and materials online before the deadline.

In the second round of finals, the shortlisted teams need to create and complete their works by hand and bring the jobs to the competition site for presentation to the judges.

The results of the competition will be determined by the judges' scores. The awards are divided into gold, silver, bronze, and merit awards, and there is a chance to win more than 200,000 bonuses.

STEM Questions and Answers

What is STEM?

STEM refers to four categories of subjects: "Science," "Technology," "Engineering," and "Mathematics."

What is the difference between STEAM?

STEAM refers to the addition of artistic elements based on STEM.

What is unique about STEM competitions?

STEM competitions are based on STEM elements and can be matched with different disciplines.