STEM education materials Recommendation: high-quality teaching resources from 8 primary and middle school to kindergartens students (updated in 2023)

STEM education materials Recommendation: high-quality teaching resources from 8 primary and middle school to kindergartens students (updated in 2023)

The Hong Kong Education Bureau has recently begun promoting STEM education. Currently, STEM education is to teach Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics through the general studies of primary schools in the current curriculum.

There is an increasing demand for teaching materials (auxiliary materials for STEM teaching) from colleges and universities, and teachers.

This article will introduce a series of teaching resources designed for primary and secondary school and kindergarten students.

We will introduce the following textbook resources in 2023 so that students can learn scientific knowledge and thinking skills in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere.

STEM Education: Learning and Teaching Resources Reference

"STEM Education" refers to a "Science," "Technology," "Engineering," and " Mathematics" education curriculum that aims to cultivate students' scientific literacy, innovative thinking, and scientific inquiry spirit. See: STEM courses: 7 benefits of new trends in Hong Kong education? (2023 latest reference)

The following is a resource guide for STEM learning and teaching resources, including many valuable textbooks, websites, and more.

These resources can help teachers and students learn and explore STEM-related subjects and improve scientific literacy and innovative thinking.

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References for other STEM teaching resources

In addition, the Hong Kong Education Bureau officially recommends many STEM self-learning resources suitable for children, children, and middle and high school pupils.

EDB Education Multimedia

The Science Education Channel, co-produced by RTHK and the Education Bureau, provides many science-related learning videos and science lesson plans for teachers as a STEM learning and teaching resource.

There are also many downloadable online teaching materials on the website, as well as activity worksheets that can be used in classroom activities to enhance the Creativity and learning interest of primary and secondary school students.

Hong Kong Federation of Youth: School Science Textbooks, Creative Education Group

The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups provides many STEM textbooks suitable for primary and secondary school students. The teaching resources focus on discussions and experimental activities, such as scientific teaching plans for physical science, mechanics, and biological applications.

Each lab has a detailed introduction, lesson plan, and worksheets that teachers can use in the classroom or as homework for students to work on at home.

Hong Kong Science Museum Electronics Classroom

The electronic classroom of the Hong Kong Science Museum provides a variety of science learning STEM courses and provides different scientific themes to match the exhibition content. This is a great option if you want to bring your family to study science.

You can also choose different types of scientific knowledge courses, such as fun experiments, scientific demonstrations, special lectures, etc., to improve student's learning motivation.

Education Bureau General Studies Science and Teaching Resources for Primary Schools

The "General Studies Science and Teaching Resources Package for Primary Schools" teaching resources developed by the Hong Kong Education Bureau is suitable for primary schools Students, themes such as "Biological World," "Physical Encyclopedia," "Basic Mechanics," and other units arouse students' interest in the development of science and technology.

Curriculum and Teaching Resources Website|Macao Education and Youth Development Bureau

Macao Education and Youth Development Bureau provide many teaching materials and teaching resources that teachers can use. Teachers can search on the website when preparing lessons. Enter keywords in the field to find relevant teaching materials, or use the advanced search options.

The website provides a variety of teaching resources, such as educational articles, lesson plans, question banks, and worksheets, suitable for students from kindergarten to high school.

NASA STEM Engagement

NASA designs STEM Engagement courses for kindergarten, elementary, and middle school students and provides free online STEM teaching materials, such as worksheets, short videos, and online games.

The topics cover galaxies and the universe. According to the student's level and subject classification, teachers can find suitable teaching materials on the website to assist in teaching.

Teach Engineering

Teach Engineering Made for Kindergarten students, and it integrates engineering design into STEM education.

You can find learning resources related to applied science and mathematics, and children can learn relevant practical knowledge from each unit!

Royal Academy of Engineering

Royal Academy of Engineering is an online learning material designed for junior high school students in discussions with professional engineers and teachers.

The course integrates the four core subjects of STEM and provides a variety of experiential activities for students to participate in.


Eterna was developed by Stanford University, A deep learning project co-created by the Carnegie Mellon University research team, combining elements of online scientific games and new drug development, recommended for students above junior high school to participate.

After playing the interesting RNA molecular jigsaw puzzle game on the Internet and then designing the RNA molecular jigsaw puzzle model according to the specified requirements,

they have the opportunity to transfer their design to the laboratory for The researchers to conduct artificial synthesis and robotics tests

and send the results back to the players. The game is full of interactive and challenging.

Discovery Education

Discovery Education It is an online learning platform launched by Discovery. This well-known knowledge channel provides students with a variety of free learning resources covering a wide range of topics, such as archaeology, biology, mechanics, and engineering.

In addition, there are special STEM units, presented in the form of short videos and pictures, to stimulate students' curiosity and encourage them to learn independently.

STEM Questions and Answers

What is STEM?

STEM refers to a teaching method that cultivates children's problem-solving ability and scientific education. The word STEM can refer to "science," "technology," "engineering," and "mathematics."

What are the benefits of STEM teaching materials?

STEM teaching materials can effectively improve children's learning efficiency in STEM courses, improve students' learning efficiency and enable students to grow through more interactive methods such as experiments and games.

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