About Wooden STEAM

Q: 1. What kind of company is Wooden STEAM?

A: Wooden STEAM is a wholesale company of STEM toys and learning kits. It provides STEM or STEAM educational toys, learning materials and educational courses, and STEM/STEAM after-school activities for Hong Kong children, kindergartens, primary and secondary school students. The company has been established for 17 years and has served nearly 300 primary and secondary schools and won a good reputation. See: Services and About Us

Q: 2. What products or services does Wooden STEAM provide?

A: Wooden STEAM is a company that provides wooden STEAM/STEM toys and learning kits. We also provide STEAM after-school activities, STEAM DAY, STEAM competitions and STEAM gift boxes, etc.

Q: 3. Are the products or services of Wooden STEAM good quality?

A: The quality of our products or services has won a good reputation and evaluation. All products have passed the safety certification of the European Union and the United States. The wood is environmentally friendly, teachers and parents could be at ease.

Q: 4. What Wooden STEAM products are recommended?

A: We recommend new programming products for drones and four-in-one mech vehicles, which can help students understand the structure, learn the principles of science and technology programming, and give full play to artistic creation during the assembly process.

Q: 5. Who is Wooden STEAM serving?

A: Wooden STEAM serves Hong Kong children, kindergarten and primary and secondary school students.

Q: 6. Where is Wooden STEAM's service location/area?

A: Wooden STEAM is now serving the whole of Hong Kong.

Q: 7. Who is the founder of Wooden STEAM?

A The founder of Wooden STEAM is Karies Chiu . In the past 20 years, she has been committed to using her professional knowledge to contribute to the development of art education in Hong Kong schools. In 2010, she began to design a variety of art teaching materials to help teachers provide more choice of teaching materials and enhance students' learning interest. She hopes to use her own design experience to develop STEAM projects in recent years and launch STEAM teaching materials with real "art" elements, so that students can receive comprehensive and sustainable development of STEAM education.

Q: 8. How to contact Wooden STEAM?

Tel: 2321 2342 / 6723 7231
Email: info@woodensteam.com
Address: Unit A2, 7/F, Block 2, Koon Wah Mirror Fty 6th Ind’l Building, 7-9 Ho Tin Street, Tuen Mun, N.T.

STEM/STEAM related questions

Q: 1. What is STEM? What is STEAM?

A: STEM is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.
STEAM is based on STEM by adding art (Art) elements to inspire children's creative thinking.

Q: 2. What is the difference between STEM and STEAM?

A: STEM mainly teaches students skills such as computing, science and engineering skills to learn STEM concepts. When learning STEAM, students will use more hands-on and artistic methods such as images, models, and group studies to express and apply STEM concepts. Compared with traditional STEM, STEAM can improve learning, communication, creativity, and imagination.

STEAM education encourages students to do it by hand, participate in the production process, discuss and exchange STEM knowledge with each other, visualize and artisticize data, such as three-dimensional models, manual labor, etc., so that they can absorb complex concepts more deeply.

Q: 3. Which STEAM/STEM products/toys are recommended for children?

A: P1-003 Pull Back Car, P2-002 Electric Small Fan, P3-001 Conductor Detector, P4-003 Space Three-Ball Instrument, P5-001 Elephant Ball Launcher and P6-002 Solar Racer are more popular.

Q: 4. Are there any activities or competitions in STEAM/STEM?

A: Yes, Wooden STEAM assists schools in organizing some STEAM/STEM Day activities and competitions, in which students participate and communicate with each other.