About Us

We are the only company in Hong Kong that specializes in Wooden STEAM textbooks and activities. In addition to textbooks, we also offer STEAM after-school activities, STEAM days, STEAM contests, and STEAM gift boxes. Our company has been established for 17 years and has served nearly 300 schools. During the past three years, we have carried out STEAM project and won a very good reputation.

We understand that teachers usually work busy, the pressure of preparing lessons is also very big, so in order to reduce the burden of teachers, we designed a complete set of exclusive teaching system, including detailed STEAM production steps video, PPT teaching, scientific principles exercise, each student also has a complete set of textbooks and product instructions. Besides relaxing for teachers, it also allows students to learn scientific principles and artistic creation, so that they can give full play to their creativity and make more comprehensive development for the future.

We focus on wooden materials because students can paint on the surface of their works at will, which inspires their creative thinking. Besides, wood is also natural and environmentally friendly, and teaches students environmental awareness. Our products have passed the European Union and the United States safety certification, let teachers and parents more at ease.

We are a small business with great enthusiasm and ambition. We hope to cooperate with you to bring STEAM and art to more students.


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